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Anthony W. Herren - Posted February 16, 2012
Most of my family live in Randolph County Alabama, but moved here from Coweta County Georgia before the civil war. Since many in that area originally migrated from North Carolina it is likely we hailed from there. I once saw an entry in the NC 1790 census mentioning an Aron Herren; possibly a distant relative, or Ancester. Before my grandfather was born his two oldest half-brothers moved to Texas and started families. Thanks for the interesting websight.
Deborah - Posted February 8, 2012
Sorry this is so late. But Kieth Terwort the husband of Grace (Herren) Terwort has passed away.
Tina Preiser - Posted January 26, 2012
Marla Woodruff - 7 hours ago
I descended from Jesse H. Herrin born in 1800 through his son John, then John's daughter Mary Belle, then Belle's daughter Georgia,then Katherine Woodruff and her daughter Peggy Woodruff who is my mother.
Marla Woodruff - Posted January 26, 2012
I descended from Jesse H. Herrin born in 1800 through his son John, then JOhn's daughter Mary Belle, then Belle's daughter Georgia and then my father Frank Woodruff. This is my direct Herrin Line. Glad I found this website. My tree is the Woodruff Tree on
Hal Herrin - Posted January 16, 2012
Born in Jasper, TX. All of family direct was from Newton County. Herrin/Cochran/Lewis/Stark/Fuller lineage.
Have only been able to trace the Herrin side back to 1807 MS to Abel Herring. Anything earlier than that will be a Godsend! Cochrans-DeCochran back to 1240 scotland, Fuller back to the 1300's King Edward III.
HENRY JEFF HEREN JR - Posted January 16, 2012
I am from Houstona dn my Brother Robert herren our father was Henry J Herren 10-26-1926 brothers of Leroy, Howard, Letha, Alberta, and not sure whom else our grand father was Mertle ora Herren and John Herren We really dont know anyof our family until today reall!
Richard - Posted January 15, 2012
John & Rebecca Herrin of New Jersey are my 4th ggrandparents in this line. Their daughter Sarah married John Brown, son of Mathew Brown, immigrant.
Tim Herren - Posted January 7, 2012
Just checking out the website wondering if this is part of my family. My Grand father was from Ok and lived in Tx for a number of years. His name was Howard Herren, went by Lester or Tex.
Juanita Anderson - Posted December 14, 2011
There is so much - thanks to everyone that gives of their time to provide it.
James Herren - Posted October 18, 2011
Alexander Herren donated the land for the cemetery in Camp Hill,Al. His grave sits on a hillside and there are many Herrens buried below.
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