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James Herren - Posted October 18, 2011
Alexander Herren donated the land for the cemetery in Camp Hill,Al. His grave sits on a hillside and there are many Herrens buried below.
Juanita Anderson - Posted September 26, 2011
Great site - Thanks for all your effort and time put into it!!!!!!!!
teressa herren - Posted September 26, 2011
Hey im looking for anyone kin to "Clifton Eugene Herren" [gene]?????!!!!! He is my father!!!!!
Glenda Herren Stroobant - Posted September 2, 2011
Looking for my Dads side of the family. Oklahoma and Arkansas. Great-Great grandparents came from Germany.
Grace Herren Smith - Posted August 10, 2011
I would like to become a member and try to find my Dad's side of the family. Please advise!

Grace Herren Smith
Colleen Herren Bosarge - Posted July 6, 2011
Wow! What an amazing site!!! The furthest I've made it back on my Herrens are John Henry Herren marrying Catherine Rose in 1850 - Cass County Illinois. I do not have anything past this..... These Herrens were loggers and came down the MS river and settled in and around MS / AR. My grandparents, John Herren and Doris Creech Herren, were married in Dumas, Arkansas. They lived on the MS river at Hillhouse and raised 13 children. Eleven were from this union....two were from Johns first wife who passed away.

Any information would be great;y appreciated.
billy byrnes - Posted June 30, 2011
Adressing John Herron on Matthew w Herron. Matthew w. and George b Herron are the sons of William m Herron jr and Catherine Hood. Matthew w and George b joined the Kentucky 7th infantry co k usa in 1861 with their uncle Shadrick Herrin. They fought from Kentucky to Louisiana reenlisted in 1864 to 1866. Their civil war records are in herron and mostly in herrin.Shadrick Herrin died in 1865 in Baton Rouge Louisiana buried there. Their father is the one who changed the name from herrin to herron.The brothers was muster out in 1866 in Baton Rouge. In 1866 George b stayed in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Matthew w went to OHIO THEN TO Illnois and married Mary c Sly. Then went to California and became a architect. They had two daughters. Mary died in 1899 and matthew died in 1926 in REDDING CALIFORNIA. Family history William m herrin jr- herron 1822-1899 Catherin Hood 1822- Matthew w 1842 George b 1845 John w 1848 Emily c 1851 James T 1852 . Matthew was 19 years old and george was 16 when
Deborah - Posted June 5, 2011
I have added the headstone picture for Effie(Herren) Solf today. But I am wondering if all of the Solf's that are buried in this cemetery are Effie and Albert's kids and grandchildren. They did not have the names on the headstones of the children I have listed but I am thinking that somehow they would all be related. Effie Solf is the daughter of Noah Herren and Mary Dugan.
Deborah Herring - Posted May 29, 2011
I've never met my father's family. My father was Stephen James Herring born in Paducah, Ky. My mother left him before I was born so I never knew him or anything about him. I heard he died when I was 12 years old. Would love to see a picture of him, I don't know what he looks like. Any Herrings from Paducah, KY that might be related?
John Herron - Posted May 19, 2011
I am beginning to put together my ancestry I what I have found is that I have direct connection back to the herring family from England and Fords castle.
My great grand father was Mathew William Herrin who was a Sgt in the 7th Kentucky Infantry Union. H was the first person I found to have changed his spelling to Herron on his military civil war record. I have put my information in Ancestry tree. One difficulty that I am having is finding the grave site of Mathew Herron who died in 1880 in Ky. His Wife Loumy Williams Herron is buried in Slaughters Ky.
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