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Jim Herren - Posted May 25
My family is from northeastern Arkansas.
Jess Herren Dean Jr. - Posted March 19
Grandson of Marjorie Olean(Herren) Dean
Vince Herren - Posted December 22, 2014
Son of Charlie and Merle Herren from Ala. Lives in Albany, Ga.
Rebecca Hackworth - Posted September 22, 2014
I am Rey impress by this website . My line is. Grgrandmother Mate Herron Abbott born Tipton, Indiana death Elkhart,Indiana her parents, Garner Herron His father William Herron to Daniel Herron been working on familytree for over 12 years in the last couple months cannot belive how much it has grow. Familytree work on Could not make it to the reunion I hope one day I can to meet my cousins
Mary Lee - Posted September 11, 2014
Hello! Hope the reunion was a success! Would love to hear more about it! We are the Alabama Herrens and have all sorts of wonderful family members scattered about.
Edie May Ray - Posted September 10, 2014
My Great Grandfather was Henry Clay Herren who married Menerva Ellen Allen. They homesteaded in Lenora, Dewey County, Oklahoma.
Henry was on the north in the Civil War.
Anyone related to this branch of the Herrens? They came from Indiana to Kansas, then to Oklahoma.
my email is
fritz herring - Posted September 3, 2014
in searching for my ancestors, I found my Grandparents listed in a census as (hennon) another variation for you and I also found my Father in Salina, Ks listed as Harring. Another variation! Last, I found my Father's half brother listed as, "Hearring" How about that? Fritz
Diane Martin Phillips - Posted August 22, 2014
What a wealth of information I have found! My grandparents Escher and Effie Herron were 1/2 first cousins as they had the same grandfather - Billy Herron and what a trip that has sent me on! Found a WONDERFUL new cousin and she is invaluable to learn more about this awesome family I'm so proud to be a part of. My Mama was Wilma Annette Herron.
Katie - Posted August 7, 2014
my email address is if anyone has any information. Again, thank you!
Katie - Posted August 7, 2014
I am new to family genealogy research. I was wondering if any of you could help. My great grandmother was Ethelyn Linton and I was told she was married to Herb Herren?! Could any of you tell me any information? Thank you!
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