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Diane Martin Phillips - Posted 9 hours ago
What a wealth of information I have found! My grandparents Escher and Effie Herron were 1/2 first cousins as they had the same grandfather - Billy Herron and what a trip that has sent me on! Found a WONDERFUL new cousin and she is invaluable to learn more about this awesome family I'm so proud to be a part of. My Mama was Wilma Annette Herron.
Katie - Posted August 7, 2014
my email address is if anyone has any information. Again, thank you!
Katie - Posted August 7, 2014
I am new to family genealogy research. I was wondering if any of you could help. My great grandmother was Ethelyn Linton and I was told she was married to Herb Herren?! Could any of you tell me any information? Thank you!
Steven Fay - Posted July 25, 2014

Thanks to all of you involved in this web site.
Your web is very nice and I like visiting it. I am not able to attend the reunion this year, but hope to make the next one? I have not seen any of my Herren family (George W. and Edith Ellen's line) for many years. So I would have loved to be there. I am the g-son and raised by Malissa Olive Fay (Herren) Her b-day was 5/31/1904. The Mar 3 listed is incorrect.

Paul V. Brown - Posted July 23, 2014
Wonderful to see pictures of some family I have never seen. I am a descendant of Stephen Herren of Mississippi. His son George Garrett Herren was the father of my grandfather, R.W.(Robert White) Herren who came to Corsicana, Texas from Mississippi,and then to Haskell, Texas in 1900. Herren descendants still have some of his original ranch and others still are beneficiaries of the oil found there. I wish I could come out to the reunion to meet some of you...maybe next time.
Cynthia Maresh Herrin - Posted July 23, 2014
Wish we could join the great gathering of Herrins ... but won't be able to attend. We are from the Arch Michell Herrin Family, descendants of the Rev. Herrin Branch of family from East Texas. My husband John Richard Herrin pasted just two years ago on July 17, 2012. And as they say, "things are just not the same" ... Love to all and God's Blessings to all. Cindy Herrin
email address:
Ken Leonard - Posted July 7, 2014
I'm the son of Noah Alberta Herron daughter of Ambrose Herron of Oklahoma.would like to here from any of the family.
Terry lee Herren - Posted June 13, 2014
From West Sacramento Ca. Dad was from Ok.
Wil Stafford - Posted May 17, 2014
I am the G-G-G-grandson of Winfield Scott Herren, who was the grandson of Stephen Herren. Would love to compare info and chat about the family tree. I have over 23,000 people in my computer and growing. Love to share and learn more.
Barbara Walls - Posted May 7, 2014
mother-Emmer Herrin-John David Herrin-Charles Grandison Herrin-this is my line
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