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      Gear-Bush Type Large Former
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      Large cold heading machine mechanism features:

      Body with QT500 material, the precision casting and aging treatment, to ensure durable.

      Flywheel belt drive motor and ready to fly with the crank shaft gears, power transmission, high transmission efficiency;

      Pneumatic clutch brake with flywheel ready, not only in the frequent jogging protect the motor, with gear and more effectively reduce the motor power. Compared to the same model of Taiwan machine, only half of the motor power, saving customers the cost of electricity.

      Crankshaft and connecting rod casing and shock in all alloys with copper tiles, large capacity, lower wear resistance, longer life than bearing-type maintenance costs.

      With frequency control devices, adapted to the production of different products at different speeds, efficient effort.

      Large cold heading machine for the production of:

      Large high-strength fasteners, large non-standard cold heading parts, automotive, railway parts, plumbing accessories, etc.

      Currently there are many customers, saving considerable production costs.

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