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July 7, 2014
HERREN REUNION RSVP's are due! If you are planning on attending the reunion, your order form is due in a few short weeks. The form can be found under the "Files & Music" link on the website or you can email me at and I will email it to you directly. It is imperative that we get an accurate head count so please get them in before the end of July. I can't wait to see everyone there!

P.S. Thanks to those who have already reserved their spot. You will be receiving a confirmation in the mail by August 15th with additional information.

May 7, 2014
THE REUNION INVITES ARE HERE! We hope to see many of you in August. The invitation and RSVP info is available on the "Files and Music" link to the right. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

March 26, 2014

Hello Everyone! Since our contacts have grown substantially and we have a great bunch of people, we are entertaining the idea of a Herren reunion/networking event over labor day.
Nothing is set in stone as we wanted to see what kind off feedback we would get and who would be interested in an event like this. The following are some preliminary details that we are throwing around.

We are thinking over Labor Day weekend in the old school in Dacoma Oklahoma.
Given the distance many of us would have to travel, we are strongly considering having the event catered. Best guess is it might cost around $15 a person for a meal but likely less than that.

I think this would be a great opportunity for all of us to meet, exchange information on our growing trees and hopefully start a traditional that can carry on. If you are interested in this event, please let me know and give me a head count from your clan. If we have enough interest we will go into planning mode and get detailed information to you very soon. I hope to hear from you all soon.


Megan Herren
Denver CO

UPDATE: I have had many questions regarding the proposed reunion. Although many of us have not been able to definitively tie to each other, it is likely that we are all related somehow. This reunion is NOT for a particular branch of Herren but for all branches. It will be a great opportunity to swap information and try to find some of those ties. We welcome all branches since I personally cannot finish my own tree I am excited for the opportunity and hope we receive much interest.
Also, there are many people that are not registered on the website but we would love to invite. Please invite all members of your clan and it is impossible for me to reach these people alone. Encourage them to register on the site or email me at If they are not internet friendly they are welcome to call me or any other form of communication they are comfortable with. PLEASE help me spread the word!

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Herren Bunch Reunion Invite/Sign Up Sheet
Added May 7 by Megan Herren

Death of Manly Duane Herron
Added Jun 20 by John Hamilton

Death of Dale E. Herren
Added Mar 30 by Cindi

Death of My Husband...
Added Mar 30 by Cindi

James & Rebecca Herren,Asa,Mary J,Martha,Nancy
Added Jul 19 by John Herren
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  September 1 Labor Day
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 Genealogy ResearchView All 
 Nov 11 Daniel Herron Jr's wife Lucinda Welch, John Hamilton
 Aug 15 The Presley-Herren Connection, Billy Presley
 May 25 James Herring b. 1766 Albemarle Co., Va, jay cee johnson
 Jun 4 James Henry Herron/herren, Ramona holbrook
 Jan 27 Herrin's of Miss./La/Texas, Hal Herrin
 Dec 4 James and Hannah Harrell Herron-FLoyd Co KY, Larry Herrin
 Nov 18 The Line of Isaac Herrin of NJ to VA & KY, Larry Herrin
 Mar 20 Indiana/Mississippi Herrens (Mathewson), Mary Shirley
 Mar 9 Harold "Hal" Herren, Matthew Herren
 Feb 8 Herrins of South Carolina-Old Leagal Documents, Larry Herrin
 DNA TestingView All 
 Feb 18 Desire DNA Information, John Hamilton
 Nov 29 Ancestors of Susannah Hunter Herren, Larry Herrin
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Stephen Herren/Mississippi Herren's
17 pictures
Added Apr 1 by Victoria

Thomas Logan Herren Family
8 pictures
Added Oct 5 by Bill

133 pictures
Added Jun 17 by Judy

Dale & Cindi Herren & Family
19 pictures
Added Aug 28 by Cindi

Noah Dwain Herren and decendents
7 pictures
Added Aug 24 by sarah
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Diane Martin Phillips - Aug 22, 2014
What a wealth of information I have found! My grandparents Escher and Effie Herron were 1/2 first cousins as they had the same grandfather - Billy Herron and what a trip that has sent me on! Found a WONDERFUL new cousin and she is invaluable to learn more about this awesome family I'm so proud to be a part of. My Mama was Wilma Annette Herron.
Katie - Aug 7, 2014
my email address is if anyone has any information. Again, thank you!
Katie - Aug 7, 2014
I am new to family genealogy research. I was wondering if any of you could help. My great grandmother was Ethelyn Linton and I was told she was married to Herb Herren?! Could any of you tell me any information? Thank you!
Steven Fay - Jul 25, 2014

Thanks to all of you involved in this web site.
Your web is very nice and I like visiting it. I am not able to attend the reunion this year, but hope to make the next one? I have not seen any of my Herren family (George W. and Edith Ellen's line) for many years. So I would have loved to be there. I am the g-son and raised by Malissa Olive Fay (Herren) Her b-day was 5/31/1904. The Mar 3 listed is incorrect.

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